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            Compassionate Clowns of Charlottesville was created out of a desire to serve our community

One evening in 2007 Latifa Kropf (Dr. Clown) attended a meditation conference. The leader asked the audience about how they wanted to serve in their community.  Immediately, she knew that she wanted to be a hospital clown like Patch Adams. Latifa went home and emailed everyone in her address book, inviting them to investigate this possibility. A few friends emailed back. They formed a clown troupe and trained to be clowns using a manual and DVD from the “Hearts and Noses” hospital clown troupe in Boston. Gradually and gently they gained the trust of the UVA Hospital administration and staff.  Their compassionate clown service at UVA Medical Center was born and remains a successful program for the last 8 years.

The Compassionate Clowns of Charlottesville (CCC) now clown every Tuesday evening in the pediatrics unit, cancer center, hospital lobbies and a variety of other units. They are often invited by family members to visit a loved one’s hospital room. The clowns have made close connections with many doctors, nurses and administrators. Together the staff and clowns play and joke around. The staff is delighted when the clowns give them chocolate covered “clown medicine”.

The CCC mission is to offer a moment of joy, delight and healing presence to patients, their families and staff. They do this through humor, loving kindness and a playful presence.

Meet the Compassionate Clowns of Charlottesville